DS Multi Game cartridges

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As my friend Mike from Emu64 suggested after getting a used DS Lite I went to check out NDS multicart website and could not resist from ordering one of the Nintendo DS multi-game cartridges that they offer. Unlike multicarts that we have seen before (had some for GB and GBA) these DS cartridges can be customized – meaning YOU select the games you want to see on DS card!

DS Multi Game cartridge

DS Multi Game cartridge

Check it out – they have all the games I could think off in their database. The way they have it set up is that DS Multi Cartridge has 110 memory blocks like on a GameCube or Wii memory card, but here you save full games instead of savegames. Each games is about 2 to 4 memory blocks big (some are bigger and some are only 1 block big). So you pick the games you like – add them to a cart, and pay at the checkout. Cartridge gets burned with the games you selected and you end up with ~50 of your favorite games in ONE super Nintendo DS multi-game multicart!!! Check it out >>>

PSP-3000 vs Nintendo DSi

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Sony has released the long awaited PSP-3000, so now how does it compare to the latest from nintendo –

Super Mario DSiWare

Super Mario DSiWare

Nintendo DSi hand held? Sony PSP 3k has improved LCD screen and finally a built-in microphone that should have been there in the first place. LCD screen has the same resolution and  size as PSP Phat and PSP 2000 a.k.a Lite displays, but Sony claims that it has new anti-reflection technology  – not really a problem before, and a wider color gamut – that is good + 5X times higher contrast – now this is more like it. We are getting close to being able to see PSP screen in the sun 🙂

So PSP3000 (no mod chips for it have been released as of yet)

  • Better screen that is closer in brightness to what DS Lite has – YES
  • PSP 3000 hacked and ready to play pirated backup games – NO
  • Works with PSP3000 Custom Firmware M33 5.00 etc. – NO
  • Can PSP3k play PSP iso and cso files from Memory Stick – NO

vs Nintendo DSi

  • Even bigger and brigter screen – YES
  • Hacked / Moded to play NDS roms – NO
  • Works with GBA Flash Cards – NO – No longer has GBA slot!
  • Can play MP3 from SD card – NO only AAC supported !?#[email protected]

so at this point I would say – stay with your OLD PSP and DS Lite and wait for the new console versions to hacked and modded or modchips released for them so that all the good features are unlocked. Untill than 3000 and DSi are good for the casual gamer who knows nothing about the roms and emulators, but not for the pirate in You!