DS Multi Game cartridges

As my friend Mike from Emu64 suggested after getting a used DS Lite I went to check out NDS multicart website and could not resist from ordering one of the Nintendo DS multi-game cartridges that they offer. Unlike multicarts that we have seen before (had some for GB and GBA) these DS cartridges can be customized – meaning YOU select the games you want to see on DS card!

DS Multi Game cartridge
DS Multi Game cartridge

Check it out – they have all the games I could think off in their database. The way they have it set up is that DS Multi Cartridge has 110 memory blocks like on a GameCube or Wii memory card, but here you save full games instead of savegames. Each games is about 2 to 4 memory blocks big (some are bigger and some are only 1 block big). So you pick the games you like – add them to a cart, and pay at the checkout. Cartridge gets burned with the games you selected and you end up with ~50 of your favorite games in ONE super Nintendo DS multi-game multicart!!! Check it out >>> NDSmulti.com/Store

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  1. I was just wondering if you received the game you bought, and how is it?

    I found that site you bought your game from, and I’m wondering if it is legitimate or not.


    (Admin) Reply: Yes, games were delivered as promised – I am very satisfied with them!

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