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PS3 Jailbreak – PlayStation 3 Chips!

PS3 Hacked - USB Mod ChipsAfter 3 long years of waiting – PlayStation 3 has been hacked and there is no turning back – sorry SONY! PS3 Mod Chips are available for anyone to buy. You can use a modded PS3 with Jailbreak chip for making backup copies and playing backup games on your Original or Slim PS3 console!

Now the first PS3 Chip called PSJailbreak was extraordinarily expensive. It’s price was set at $130 USD and the only way to get it cheaper was to buy in bulk. Now when many more companies started producing compatible alternatives prices have gone down a lot and you can buy a better (firmware upgradable) PS3 Chips for something like $45 USD!

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The PS3 JailBreak with latest firmware, offers the following features:

  • PS3 JailBreak is fully compatible with all PS3 fat and slim models.
  • if Sony blocks the PS3 Chips, PS3 BREAK firmware can be update to bypass the latest copy protection patch
  • PS3 mod-chips firmware can be updated via computer USB port – no special tools required
  • ROM Game data access time from HDD with a PS3 Jailbreak are x2 faster than from a regular Blue-Ray game disc
  • PS3 Games can be copied to the internal hard drive in your PlayStation or an external USB HDD.
  • installation of the chip can be finished in seconds as it is a Plug and Play USB chip .
  • PlayStation 3 Homebrew software / PS1 / MAME / SNES / N64 / SEGA emulators are supported.

What more info on  hacking and modding tools like iso rom Backup Manager tool. PS3 Key – PSJailbreak – PS Break – PSfreedom – PSGroove than please go to PS3


this is very cool. it is always great to have the freedom to do whatever we want with the ps3.
check out this cool site that shows you how you can fix your ps3 yourself and even turn your ps3 into a desktop PC




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