PS3 Modchip Yes or No?

PlayStation3 ISO ROMs
PlayStation3 ISO ROMs

Should You MOD your PS3 or NOT?

The PS3 Modchip is finally out in the market. Manufacturer sales have been so high that they are currently out of stock since the initial release of their products. These manufacturers are making hundreds of thousands of dollars out of this hacking business. Intuitively you would think that all the PS3 gamers would be happy with being able to run their homebrew in the PS3 system, not to mention pirated games. However, there are still some hardcore core PS3 and Sony lovers that are against the use of PS3 Modchip. Here is what they have to say:

Anti-modchip and anti-piracy gamers:

  • Playing pirated games doesn’t only pose a profit loss for game developers but also a negative impact on the gamers. Having to compete with pirated games means there is less money going into game developers. Game developers then have fewer funds to make better games.
  • A PS3 modchip has a markup price of $100, still a reasonably high price for a pirate device. Moreover a basic PS3 game is about 15GB in size and it takes hours to download that size file over the internet.
  • Using a PS3 Jailbreak modchip bans the users from accessing the PlayStation Network online.
  • You aren’t 100% sure that the firmware used will not harm your PS3.
  • It is tedious when one has to turn on and off the system, unplug and plug the Ethernet cable when using the PS3 online with a modchip. Why not simply swap disks?
  • Sony will come up with an updated firmware that will make the PS3 modchip useless.
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Pro PS3 Modchip users:

  • Not all PS3 gamers are well off and can easily afford the expensive games that developers sell in the market. A basic PS3 game costs about $30 and in some countries the minimum is $60. That would mean that buying a PS3 Modchip is equivalent to buying 2 original copies but you can play an unlimited number of games.
  • Why would a gamer connect to the internet while using the modchip when they are aware that they could possibly be banned from PlayStation Network? That’s just plain stupid.
  • Sony could possibly come up with an updated firmware, but like most consoles that have done this, hackers are still able to break the code. Online updates are often included support for modchip buyers. And hackers always love the challenge of breaking new firmware.

Presented to you are the pros and cons. Where does your loyalty reside, to Sony and the game developers or to your wallet and bank account? You decide.





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  1. I guess the loyalty resides mostly with the bank account – on the other hand it’s not going to hurt Sony. Please also note that there are a lot of legal applications for mod chips, a lot of people only use them only go gain extra functionality and to be able to play backups.

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