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Commercial Sony PS3 Jailbreak USB Chips: PSJailbreak, PS3Key and PS3 Break are now in stores, but there are also Open Source ports of the PS3 Chips available for download that with some knowledge of hacking and firmware flashing can be turned into a PS3 mod solution at no extra cost (if you already have the necesary tools). PS Freedom and PS Groove. Still it makes more sense to me just to Buy PS3 Jailbreak

With PS3 Jailbreak you can Copy PS3 Games and backup the PS3 roms to external HDD and from there copy PS3 iso to a DVD-R and play on Jailbroken PS3 with Backup Manager, running v3.41 firmware! Files from the built-in PlayStation internal HDD can be transfered out to PC using PS3 FTP homebrew app.

  • PS3 Jailbreak Alternatives If the original PSJailbreak is too expensive for you to buy – please look at the available alternatives: Buy x3Jailbreak, Buy PS3 Break, Buy PS3Key and others.



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Additionally, the new system comes standard with USB 2.0 and 802.11b Wi-Fi wireless LAN connectors that allow for multiple PSPs to be simultaneously connected to one another. Data and software can then be downloaded either by using the wireless LAN connections or through the use of a Memory Stick Pro Duo. The PSP also adopts the small high-capacity optical medium Universal Media Disc, the UMD. This format not only allows for 1.8 GB of space, it also provides an extremely versatile format for games, music, and video. The press conference demo showed off the trailer for Spider-Man 2 (the movie not the game) as well as Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children which is coming to both the DVD and UMD formats. To protect the content, a robust copyright protection system has been developed which utilizes a combination of a unique disc ID, a 128 bit AES encryption keys for the media, and individual ID for each PSP hardware unit.

Unfortunately, Sony did not announce a price point for the system so how much the unit will cost is still somewhat of a mystery. We expect officials to announce a more formal pricing structure at the upcoming ECTS or Tokyo Game show events; but we wouldn’t mind if something a little meatier came down the pipeline before then. Click on our media page below to view the first official images from the system and stay tuned to IGNPSP for more throughout the day.

Sony UMD discs will have no region protection for GAMES but there will be copy protection.

Download PSP ISO Games

  • UMD Specifications
  • Dimensions: Approx. 65 mm (W) x 64 mm (D) x 4.2 mm (H)
  • Weight: Approx. 10g
  • Disc Diameter: 60 mm
  • Maximum Capacity: 1.8GB (Single-sided, dual layer)
  • Laser wavelength: 660nm (Red laser)
  • Encryption: AES 128bit
  • Profile: PSP Game (full function)
  • UMD Audio (codec ATRAC3plus, PCM, (MPEG4 AVC))
  • UMD Video (codec MPEG4 AVC, ATRAC3plus, Caption PNG)

UMD(TM) Specifications Dimensions: Approx. 65 mm (W) x 64 mm (D) x 4.2 mm (H) Weight: Approx.128bit Profile: PSP Game (full function) UMD Audio (codec ATRAC3plus(TM), PCM, (MPEG4 AVC)) UMD Video (codec MPEG4 AVC, ATRAC3plus(TM), Caption PNG) 10g Disc Diameter: 60 mm Maximum Capacity: 1.8GB (Single-sided, dual layer) Laser wavelength: 660nm (Red laser) Encryption: AES

Disc Drive: UMD Drive (Playback only) Profile: PSP Game UMD Audio UMD Video.

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  1. Im a little upset. I spent a lot of money on the God of War bundle . Wich was a great game,but the system had a problem,so i took it back good thing i bought a warranty. I got the Ratchet and Clank bundle now im upset because there are not many games for the psp system that im aware of,can you point me in the right way or am i just stuck with your expensive product that has no resale value.You need more games like god of war are there any please email comment or mail 6694 Balfour lane salt lake city UT 84123. or [email protected] .

  2. can a silver psp 3000 be modded

    Admin – Datel has revealed a special battery peripheral called the Lite Blue Tool that boots the PSP 3000 console into service mode, where it can be downgrades to 2000 firmware and cracked.

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  4. I think the psp is a very good product for the consumers and the music and film industries.
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